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The idea of simple luxury that’s ethically brought to life- 

KAOAPH (pronounced k-op) is  a  contemporary lifestyle jewellery brand ; that redefines luxury in its truest forms. Kaoaph's jewellery resonates with anything associated to timelessness and style; that offers quality craftsmanship made with utmost passion and dedication - giving rise to styles that truly spark joy.

Solitary Designs.

Unrivaled Affordability.

Valuable Experience.

KAOAPH was born out of an idea to celebrate and rejoice in the magic of simplicity. Our ethos is to give a new lease of life to the concept of jewellery, a concept that stands to be simply beyond stones and gold, and proudly focus on disrupting fashion practices and channel into creating pieces for conscious consumption that lives beyond time and tide. At the core, KAOAPH is all about storytelling through the rare nature of its design and timelessness, made for everyday and all occasions - ranging from our smallest celebrations and joys to our defining big moments of our lives. 


Each of our jewellery is handmade made with love. A new level of ultra modern-ness, lustrous textures and sheer luxury. We transform unconventional ideas and thought process into emotionally captivating pieces; making it truly a collector's choice. We reject mass factory production, and return the work back into the hands of skilled craftsmen and women, supporting thoughtful hands and artisanal industry.

• Ethical, Original, Reliable. Composed with passion and above all — Uniqueness

• Pushing the boundaries of what jewellery is and can be


Come, dive in on an experience for a lifetime that is a translation into understated, unpretentious luxury that is born to be lived in and savored


The foundation of the brand is built on passion and innovating a range of dialogues set apart from the crowd - the dialogues of cheer, an extension of being the second skin and ranging from small doses of everyday luxury to larger than life styles. We combine the idea of classic laidback elegance and experimental luxury in our designs that brings in the unique accent of being KAOAPH!


KAOAPH is fueled by the nature of elevating the joy of minimalism and creating 22 Karat micron gold plated jewel box winners that are meant to stay and be loved.


We at KAOAPH, recognize our responsibility for the people and planet, wherein we take everyday steps to be ethical, conscious and allow our people to cherish every demi-fine constant they own.  We do not fuel the loop of excess inventory, focus on small batch production and are not dictated by the trends that circle, we strive at creating our own that lives timelessly


Are we dramatic? Check!

Are we elemental? Check!

Are we effortless? Double check!


We constantly challenge our own techniques and designs. Every day we beat our own schedule and our ever-increasing ability to be unusual. We take care of the specific needs of our customers and surround ourselves with a creative spirit to provide off-beat and sensuous jewellery for our fashion lovers. We always have a different approach to things, life, and people. 


We believe, jewellery is a form of personal expression and it should be worn effortlessly. At KAOAPH, we have jewellery for everyone and for all occasions; be it office wear, work from home, a casual setting, or a date night.

Throughout our journey , we have witnessed a manifold global growth of over 50,000 + customers glowing in and celebrating our demi-fines. As a brand that was born out of sheer love and passion for jewellery, we have breathed life into the intimate entity of metal and celebrated a community that has been a testimony to the hardwork and dedication we put through with our designs



KAOAPH is proud to be ethical and transparent in its well-doings. We take an extra effort to responsibly choose our materials to deliver the best solutions. From the metal, the stones, to the natural pearls used in the making, all the elements add an effortless and contemporary look to the jewellery


Our jewellery is made in 18-22 Karat Micron Gold plating with an additional 0.5 micron e-coating,  and with materials such as Pure 925 Sterling Silver, Pure Brass and Stainless steel. We also use Cubic Zirconia diamonds, Real pearls and semi-precious stones in our designs and all our products are completely lead and nickel-free - which makes it skin friendly and truly long lasting.

All our packaging is minimal, biodegradable and recyclable, with minimal to no use of plastic. Our jewellery is carefully packed in soft jewellery pouches and then added to our black and red boxes with a specially designed cushion base and  ribbon handles that make it multipurpose, thus cutting down on excess bags or carry-ons.



Founder & Creative Head

KAOAPH was founded in 2018 with an aim to inspire joy and confidence and bring a smile on every woman through our jewellery. We are a demi-fine jewellery brand known for its urban and imaginative pieces with an intent to create original jewellery of lasting quality. KAOAPH’s style is of a rare kind, creating jewellery that sparks dialogue. In our short journey so far, we are honored to be seen in Elle and Vogue India along with other publications. We see this as a validation of our commitment to excellence and quality.


Founded by Rudrali with a vision to push the boundaries of what jewellery is and can be; both by providing unrivalled affordability and minimal chic modern designs.

Her deep passion for jewellery and the longing to work closely to the design process along with an expression to explore the craftsmanship of jewellery, led her to launch her own label.  

She has a prodigious taste for contemporary art and minimalism. She is inspired by the innovative aesthetics of contemporary jewellery. She believes jewellery is a form of personal expression, an extension of one-self. Each of her jewellery pieces is inspired by travel, speaks of a story, has a history behind, with a rich boundless aesthetic. 


She has a passion for building enduring and sustainable organization while putting her expertise in growth, innovation and creativity. From making abstract pieces of jewellery by herself in a small workshop to building her own prominent jewellery brand, Rudrali has defied all the odds to achieve her dreams. 


We hope all this inspires you and each one of you is enriched with our story and spirit that we have. 


Global Brand Director

Nish has been part of Kaoaph since 2019 and has been a key partner in representing the brand globally. Nish is an award-winning Industrial Designer based in Atlanta, GA. Given his expertise in product design and creative brand management, he brings extraordinary industrial design support that is aligned with companies business needs. His responsibilities as Global brand director not only includes driving all the international communications and providing critical design feedback, but also manoeuvring the strength of the company’s global network, and promoting the brand strategically in international markets. 


Having worked in the USA for 8 years, Nish brings a unique perspective from the western market in building the brand and prudently placing it across the world and further contributing to extensive growth.



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